Healing Lungs: Simpler, Safer Lung Support for Severe ARDS Patients is open for abstract submissions

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Healing Lungs



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BARDA announces new partnerships to develop next-gen diagnostics for any respiratory RNA virus

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ReDIRECT is open for abstract submissions

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Our individual DRIVe programs accelerate the development and availability of transformative technologies and approaches to protect Americans from health security threats. We push the boundaries of innovation to tackle the biggest health security challenges.

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Provide health information to individuals at early stages of infection, injury, or illness.

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Enhance the usability of 3D human tissue models (“tissue chips”) as tools for drug development.

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COVID-19 Response

Use pathogen-agnostic technologies from the ENACT and Solving Sepsis portfolios in response to COVID-19.

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Beyond The Needle

Develop alternative delivery methods for vaccines and other therapeutics.


Repurpose commonly available therapeutics to treat symptoms associated with chemical agent exposure.

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Solving Sepsis

Seek interventions to identify sepsis early resulting in improved patient outcomes and decreased mortality.

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Digital Health Tools for Pandemic Preparedness

First line of defense against health threats with rapidly deployable digital tools​​.

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Bringing Laboratory Testing to the Home

Enabling better health outcomes through biological sample testing at the point-of-care.

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Covid-19 At Home Diagnostics

Home-based, over the counter diagnostics and enabling technologies for the detection of SARS CoV-2.

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DRIVe's Impact

  • We change how government approaches big health security challenges and threats

  • We tackle health security threats by seeking breakthrough devices and technologies

  • We model our work on the best practices of the entrepreneurial world.

  • We use tools and authorities to support new technologies, streamline contracting processes, and launch a network of accelerators

  • The team is comprised of scientists and venture entrepreneurs dedicated to identifying threats to health security

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