Funding Opportunities


We partner with companies and teams offering solutions to a broad range of national health security threats. DRIVe partnering approaches vary depending on the project. DRIVe has two funding opportunities under our EZ-BAA for awards under $750K and + Phase awards up to $20M.

*The previous iteration of the EZ-BAA BAA-20-100-SOL-0002 is now EZ-BAA BAA-22-100-SOL-00003

Step 1. Find Funding Opportunity

Check the open funding opportunities below, and if your organization aligns with an opportunity, send an inquiry email with a brief description of your technology to the applicable email address. A call will be scheduled to discuss alignment if appropriate.

Amendments Solicitation

Step 2. Submit Abstract

  • Review the solicitation on
  • Review the full instructions document for creating an account and preparing your abstract. Please note: the account request process may take up to one week for approval and access.
  • Make sure your abstract conforms to requirements outlined in the instructions document
      • Clearly describe what is being proposed and what difference it would make in the field (qualitatively and quantitatively).
      • Please limit project to no more than 3-4 main tasks/deliverables.
      • In preparing the Rough Order of Magnitude Section: please use the EZ-BAA ROM template.
      • Briefly describe the employee, position/labor category, level of effort, and functions being performed.
      • Briefly describe the materials, supplies, and equipment and how it will be used.
      • Briefly describe the purpose of the proposed travel, destinations, and number of travelers.
      • For Subcontractors: Please provide narrative description of how Subcontractors were selected and deemed reasonable.
      • Include Other Direct Costs if necessary.
      • For Total Proposed Cost: Abstracts exceeding $750,000 will be considered non-conforming and will not be reviewed.
      • Clearly indicate and describe the proposed Respondent cost-share, which may consist of cash and/or in-kind contributions.
      • The abstract must be no more than 12,5000 characters (approximately 2,000 words) for the Technical Section, and must also include a Rough Order of Magnitude, or ROM, for estimated costs.

Step 3. Start Application Process

  • Select "Start Application Process" below to create an account on the BARDA Digital Resources (BDR), Portal.