Revolutionize the way we prevent, detect, and respond to major 21st century health security threats.


Our individual DRIVe programs accelerate the development and availability of transformative technologies and approaches to protect Americans from health security threats. We push the boundaries of innovation to tackle the biggest health security challenges.


Too often, people do not receive adequate and timely treatment for infectious diseases. Early Notification to Act, Control, and Treat (ENACT) aims to provide actionable health information to individuals and medical care providers in early stages of an infection, ideally ahead of noticeable symptoms.

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Sepsis is one the country’s most urgent and costly systemic health threats. Solving Sepsis is catalyzing technological approaches along the sepsis patient continuum to empower both the patient and the healthcare provider with a focus on innovative technologies.

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COVID-19 Response

The Rapidly Deployable Capabilities (RDC) team was formed as part of BARDA’s response to COVID-19. The program’s goal is to use previously developed, pathogen–agnostic technologies from the ENACT and Solving Sepsis portfolios. These technologies will promote patient self-monitoring or remote patient monitoring by healthcare providers.

Beyond the Needle

Beyond the Needle is developing alternative vaccine technologies to make vaccinations and therapeutics easier to administer and more widely available. The goal is to reduce the burden of traditional vaccine delivery via needle and syringe on the healthcare system and supply-chain – especially during a pandemic.


In a chemical emergency, minutes matter and a timely response is necessary to save lives. The Repurposing Drugs in Response to Chemical Threats (ReDIRECT) program aims to repurpose therapeutics that are commonly available in our communities as medical counter measures and treat the symptoms associated with chemical agent exposure.


To develop and test new drug candidates faster, new 3D tissue models that faithfully recapitulate components of the human body are vital. The ImmuneChip+ program aims to further enhance already validated human tissue models by adding immune system capability, incorporating tissue sensors, and automating the manufacturing process.


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COVID-19 Pivot of ENACT and Sepsis

Since March, we’ve invested in approaches to pilot and clinically validate technologies in advanced development, or that are FDA cleared, to be used by patients or healthcare providers in monitoring patients along the COVID-19 care continuum (pre-infection, symptomatic, infection, and recovery).

DRIVe's Impact

  • We change how government approaches big health security challenges and threats
  • We tackle health security threats by seeking breakthrough devices and technologies
  • We model our work on the best practices of the entrepreneurial world.
  • We use tools and authorities to support new technologies, streamline contracting processes, and launch a network of accelerators
  • The team is comprised of scientists and venture entrepreneurs dedicated to identifying threats to health security

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