Investment to catalyze health security innovation on a global scale.

We harness the power of public-private partnership to make mission-driven equity investments in transformative science & technology to strengthen national and global health security.

BARDA Ventures has partnered with a venture capital entity the Global Health Investment Corporation (GHIC) to effectively coordinate and share risk across public and private sectors, communicate BARDA priorities, and execute mission aligned venture capital investments.

Our shared goal is to accelerate the development and commercialization of transformative medical countermeasures to bolster public health preparedness and rapidly respond to known and unknown health security threats and future pandemics.

Our Venture Capital Investment Partner:


A mission-driven, independent non-profit investment firm catalyzing the development of technologies to improve human health worldwide

Over a decade of experience investing in global health innovation to facilitate commercial sustainability

Mobilizes additional outside capital via strategic investment partners and co-investment to match BARDA funding in a portfolio of global health security companies

Our partnership uses venture capital practices, primarily equity investment, to support companies in a manner complementary to traditional government grants or contracts.

What areas are within scope for investment?

The BARDA mission encompasses the following areas for investment and development:


Warn: technologies capable of forecasting and observing disease trends and outbreak with actionable insights for the public to prepare and respond proactively


Detect: diagnostic systems with improved capabilities to address many threats and rapidly develop new assays for emerging threats


Protect: products that can integrate into daily life to protect individuals or the public from threat agents


Develop: vaccines and therapeutics, as well as the tools to develop them, that effectively reduce morbidity and mortality


Produce: a resilient, surge- capable, flexible manufacturing ecosystem that prioritizes increased domestic capacity at point of demand


Distribute: technologies that support infrastructures to build, enhance, diversify, and strengthen the nation's response to public health emergencies


Administer: technologies or care models that improve equitable access to medical countermeasures for all Who need them

Who We Work With

We invest in companies at any stage from seed to growth with clear R&D and commercialization milestones that can be reached with capital provided by BARDA Ventures and other co-investors.

We develop best-in-class technologies that are transformational to creating a safer and healthier future, as well as support innovative business models to enable lasting health security solutions.

We have a combined scientific and entrepreneurial knowledge- base of BARDA and GHIC that provides a world class network of strategic partners and co-investors. We strengthen companies' ability to deliver on commercial and impact objectives to create a lasting impact to human health globally.

We are beyond business.
We seek to protect and secure the health of the world.

BARDA Ventures GHIC Portfolio

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