BARDA DRIVe, in partnership with NIOSH and NIST, is proud to present the Phase 2 finalists of the "Mask Innovation Challenge". This challenge aims to support the development of innovative masks that can protect Americans from respiratory pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2 and other environmental threats.

4C Air Mask


Mask Name: BreSafe™ Transparent Mask. ● Clearer communication. Cleaner air.

Description: A semi-transparent face mask design, utilizing our patented BreSafe nanomaterial that provides high levels of filtration and exceptional breathability with a controlled level transparency to suit different levels of filtration and communication needs.

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Air99, LLC

Mask Name: Airgami® Fits Better, Works Better, Looks Better.

Description:Airgami® is an independently tested filtering facepiece respirator that leverages origami principles to improve its fit, breathability, and aesthetics. Key features: high filtration efficiency, super breathable; self-conforming fit, adjustable harness, feather-light; no nose wires, no exhale valves; won't fall off nose, won't collapse onto mouth; less fogging on eye glasses, less muffling of voices; reusable, rinseable and heat disinfectable.

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ClearMask, LLC

Mask Name: ClearMask™ Transparent Mask.

Description:The proposed product combines the improved communication of a full-face visibility mask with the filtering capabilities of an N95 respirator to provide both clear communication and assured protection for all. From a production standpoint, the respirator’s streamlined design ensures that it can be mass produced, packaged, and shipped at a low cost, making it accessible to a wide range of potential users and organizations.

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Mask Name: CrystalGuard. A Reusable, Highly Breathable, Clear Mask

Description: The CrystalGuard clear mask is reusable, cost-effective, and better-fitting when compared with widely available surgical masks. Therefore, it has great potential to help reduce the potential transmission and slow the spread of the virus, especially in crowded locations such as restaurants and public transportation hubs. The clear shield which allows for the mouth to be visible is particularly beneficial for people with hearing difficulties or communication disabilities and often reliable for lip-reading and blocks the two-way transmission of high-velocity jets of viral droplets. We also believe this design is beneficial for essential workers such as waiters, cashiers, bartenders, flight attendants, etc., who heavily rely on communication with others while performing their job duties. Performers, reporters, teachers, and children can also benefit significantly from the capability to see each other’s faces.

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Crystal Guard
Flo Mask

Flo Mask

Mask Name: Flo Mask Pro

Description: Flo Mask Pro is a reusable, elastomeric respirator mask for adults. Our design was based on 3 core pillars: Tailored Fit, Comfort (physical and respiratory), and Effectiveness. An interchangeable filter concept allows users to choose between two different filters depending on their use case. Our “Pro Filter” was specially formulated for high risk environments with a filtration efficiency of over 99%. For situations where breathability is just as important, our “Everyday Filter” is 3x more breathable than most N95 masks, while maintaining 95%-99% filtration efficiency depending on the user’s activity.

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Georgetown University

Mask Name: Reusable smart face masks using nanoporous metallic foams. More than a mask.

Description: The smart mask design utilizes nanoporous metal foams as the active filter media for efficient deep submicron particulate filtration, with potentials for neutralization of viral or toxic gases. Their specially tailored nanostructures lead to comparable efficiencies and breathability as N95 face masks. The foams are light weight yet robust, can be easily cleaned and reused. They are also easy to reclaim and recycle. They can accommodate additional air cleaning mechanisms, such as electrostatics, catalytic reactions, and antimicrobial characteristics. The foams are made by scalable processes, thus are economically viable. They can be readily integrated with other mask designs, either as the filtration media themselves, or as inserts or cartridges.

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Amazon PerfectFit
Levis Mask

Levi Strauss & Co.

Mask Name: Project: Veil. A smart, simplified design that uses familiar tools and everyday sewing skills to enable the production of effective, low-cost respirators through alternative supply channels.

Description: Because the tools and skills we use to make a pair of Levi’s constitute a globally standardized production capability, we’ve engineered the performance of an N95-equivalent respirator into a form that can be easily manufactured by any basic garment factory. Our simple solution activates the existing and underutilized apparel supply chain as an alternative resource to make high-performance, low-cost respirators – with no new equipment, training, or start-up costs. Our simplified approach to this challenge demonstrates that an effective respirator can be made anywhere there’s a pair of scissors and a sewing machine.

Matregenix, INC

Mask Name: Matregenix Mask.

Description: A transparent (> 70% light transmission), high filtration efficiency (PM0.3- > 95%), and low breath resistant (15 mm H2O) nanofiber mask provides remarkable protection and minimum barriers of communications.

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Matregenix Mask


Mask Name: ReadiMask® 365. All day comfort and protection in a simple, strapless design.

Description: The ReadiMask 365, an elegantly simple solution, was developed over many years entailing extensive materials research, working with the US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), and trial and error prototyping. The latest model utilizes a cutting-edge, flexible nano fiber filter. This, combined with a best-of-breed medical adhesive, creates a new level of protection not only for the wearer, but those around them!

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The SINEW Mask Project

Mask Name: SINEW. A mask that works without touching your face.

Description: The SINEW mask is a new type of personal respiratory protection, called the Smart, Individualized, Near-face, Extended Wear (SINEW) Mask. The design uses electrohydrodynamic technology to overcome flaws of traditional respirators while maintaining the same degree of protection. The perimetral gap filter removes particles even though the mask does not come in contact with the skin of the wearer’s face.

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The Mask Innovation Challenge is sponsored by BARDA in partnership with and supported by:

  • NIST

BARDA Accelerator Network